Last stand is a turn-based, tower defense game, where you only have one tower to defend your base from waves of enemies, made for the 2019 GMTK Game Jam

 There is a bug with fullscreen where if it is not enabled at the start of a round or the beginning of the game the top half of the screen will be grey. Also there are three levels but there is a large delay between the last wave and the next level.


W-A-S-D =  move the camera (Space centers the camera on the player)

Left Mouse Click = move the player/Place and pickup tower (On raised tiles);

Note 2: the WebGL build has been updated to that parts of the map are no longer inaccessible. (the camera position clamping did not work with variable resolution) The standalone builds have not been changed.


Download 25 MB
Download 23 MB
Download 45 MB

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